Consecration of the Myron and the Holy Oils | 2019

Consecration of the Myron and the Holy Oils | 2019

Consecration of the Myron and Holy Oils at Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral in Brooklyn, NY and St. Raymond Cathedral in St. Louis, MO


Each year Bishops Gregory and Elias and a number of our clergy gather to consecrate the Myron (Chrism) that is to be used at baptisms, ordinations, and the consecration of churches, baptismal fonts, and sacred vessels. The bishops also bless the Oil of Catechumens and the Oil of the Sick. 

“O Living Lord and God, You are Almighty, Good, and Sweet. Now, send Your Living and Holy Spirit upon this Chrism to make it the seal and the perfecting Oil, for the assistance and salvation of all true believers. You instructed Moses to mix a precious ointment made of sweet-smelling fragrances. When You chose to sanctify Your People through mysteries and symbols, You willed that this ointment be consecrated. You instructed the high priests to perform it once a year and to consecrate the Ark of the Covenant and all its vessels with it. Now that the shadows of things past have gone away, and the truth has appeared, behold this Holy Chrism consecrated by the Bishop. It is the Seal of Your Living and Holy Spirit, Who dispenses spiritual gifts and perfects all the Mysteries of Your Church. By it, may Your faithful people, redeemed by the Blood of Christ, be anointed, that they may become your flock and a holy people to please your Divinity.”