Maronite Young Adults on Social Media

Maronite Young Adults on Social Media

The National Maronite Young Adults (MYA) Social Media Committee has been busy at work over the last few months! The MYA has launched a revamped website on 1 March 2019, providing the history of the organization, links to all of the Maronite parishes in United States, along with many links and resources for local MYA groups to use as a reference for local activity and growth. The website is also a tool to promote the annual National MYA Conference. The website hosts information about past conferences and helps in promoting future conferences. This year, our National Conference is being hosted near San Antonio, TX, and the theme is Leading by Example. The MYA website is a great resource to learn how to get involved within the Maronite Young Adults organization locally, regionally, and nationally.

In addition to our website, we have very active Instagram and Facebook pages. Current initiatives on the pages include posts on Feast Days, Holy Days of Obligation, MYA of the Week, Bible Verse of the Day, Ignite the Maronite videos, and informational posts such as upcoming conferences and retreats or eparchial announcements.

Throughout the year, the Feast Day and Holy Day posts explain the history and the importance of why we remember each Feast. 

Every Wednesday, a local MYA chapter is featured to share exciting social, spiritual, and service based events. If your local MYA has done a fundraiser, participated in volunteer work, or had a social or spiritual event, please send it to @nationalmya on Instagram and Facebook or to our email ( so that we can share the exciting work you do!

Daily Bible verses are posted on both the Instagram and Facebook page stories.

A relatively new weekly initiative called Ignite the Maronite,which is led by a group of clergy, religious, and laity from both eparchies, and members of the MYA National Board, collaborate to publish informational videos about the Maronite faith. These videos are then shared every Monday on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages of both Ignite the Maroniteand the National MYA. 

We encourage all age groups to likeour Facebook and Instagram pages so they can keep up with our organization’s news, updates, and exciting events.