Uniontown | Pastoral Visit

Uniontown | Pastoral Visit

by Dr. Mabel George Howard

During the weekend of 8-10 March 2019, St. George Maronite Church in Uniontown, PA, welcomed its beloved son, His Excellency Bishop Gregory Mansour, home with open arms.  Bishop Mansour, former pastor of St. George Church (1983-1994), honored the parishioners with a pastoral visit. To begin his mission Friday evening, Bishop Mansour, assisted by pastor, Father El-Badaoui Habib, led Stations of the Cross. Afterwards, a Lenten meal, sponsored by the MYO, was held in the church hall. On Saturday, the ladies of the church prepared breakfast and lunch for Bishop Mansour and guests. Later, Bishop Mansour visited and blessed those who recently lost a loved one as well as the sick and shut-ins of the parish who were unable to attend Liturgy. They were overwhelmed and humbled by his gentleness and concern for their physical and spiritual well-being.  

Bishop Mansour and Father Habib concelebrated the weekend Liturgies assisted by Subdeacons T.R. George and Dr. Mallard George. Bishop Mansour’s inspirational homilies expressed several key points. He spoke to the congregation about the importance of the beauty that one sees in him/herself, and how we should experience the beauty that the world has to offer. He commented, “God created the beauty that is reflected in nature, in all creatures, and in mankind throughout the universe.” Bishop Mansour also discussed the importance of three words: ‘I need help.’ He explained how the church should help those in need. He remarked, “Everyone has faults and makes mistakes, and Lent is a time to examine oneself, ask for God’s help, and strive for improvement.”  

A highlight of Bishop Mansour’s pastoral visit was the presentation of the Massabki Award. Marion Barkett Broskey was awarded the prestigious Silver Massabki Medal by Bishop Mansour during Sunday’s liturgy. Marion, a faithful, dedicated, and lifelong parishioner of St. George Church, has contributed her time, talents, and treasures to the church for over 60 years. She is a compassionate, kind, and loving person who humbly and willingly volunteers to serve her church in many capacities. Marion is predominantly known as the “head of the kitchen crew,” as she plans and cooks for endless church activities and events. We extend a heartfelt thanks to Marion for her years of commitment and support for the benefit of our parish community. We recognize her selfless years of devotion, service, and love for St. George Church. Congratulations and God Bless You!

After Sunday Liturgies, the ladies prepared a wonderful reception in the church hall for all parishioners to enjoy as they reconnected with Bishop Mansour, family, and friends.